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Baking and Pastry Specialist (BA51)  Technical Certificate of Credit

Campus Locations: Valdosta, Ben Hill Irwin, High School

Purpose: The Baking and Pastry Specialist technical certificate of credit is designed to provide advanced skills for employment in the foodservice industry as bakery or pastry shop workers, commercial bakers, and as pastry chefs.

Curriculum: Topics of study include safety and sanitation, principles of culinary, basic and advanced pastry, culinary nutrition, and menu development.

Careers: Baking and Pastry Specialist


  • Submit a completed application and application fee
  • Be at least 16 years of age
  • Submit official high school transcript or High School Equivalency transcript or college transcripts showing successful completion of 60+ semester credits or 72+ quarter credits
  • Submit official college transcripts, if applicable
  • Present acceptable ACCUPLACER, ACT, ASSET, COMPASS, PSAT, or SAT scores, Georgia Milestones Literature/Composition or Georgia Milestones American Literature/Composition (for meeting English requirement only) or GED score of 145 or higher, or have one of the following: an associate degree or higher or have a High School overall GPA of 2.0, a HOPE Scholarship GPA of 2.6 or higher after the completion of 10th grade, or have 2 years documented work experience in the subject area. Documentation on a college transcript of successful completion of appropriate courses from a regionally accredited college or university may be accepted in lieu of test scores

Experienced Worker Certification Form

Curriculum Outline (25 hours)
General Core Courses 3
MATH 1012

Weekly Contact Hours: Lecture - 3 Lab 2 - 0 Lab 3 - 0 Pre-requisite(s): Diploma Level Math Scores or MATH 0090 w/ a “C” or better Co-requisite(s): None Emphasizes the application of basic mathematical skills used in the solution of occupational and technical problems. Topics include fractions, decimals, percents, ratios and proportions, measurement and conversion, geometric concepts, technical applications, and basic statistics.

Occupational Courses 22
CUUL 1110

Weekly Contact Hours: Lecture - 1 Lab 2 - 2 Lab 3 - 0 Pre-requisite(s): Provisional Admission Co-requisite(s): Provisional Admission Emphasizes fundamental kitchen and dining room safety, sanitation, maintenance, and operation procedures. Topics include: cleaning standards, O.S.H.A. M.S.D.S. guidelines, sanitary procedures following SERV-SAFE guidelines, HACCAP, safety practices, basic kitchen first aid, operation of equipment, cleaning and maintenance of equipment, dishwashing, and pot and pan cleaning. Laboratory practice parallels class work.

CUUL 1120

Weekly Contact Hours: Lecture - 2 Lab 2 - 4 Lab 3 - 6 Pre-requisite(s): None Co-requisite(s): CUUL 1110 This course introduces fundamental food preparation terms, concepts, and methods. Course content reflects American Culinary Federation Educational Institute apprenticeship training objectives. Topics include: weights and measures, conversions, basic cooking principles, methods of food preparation, recipe utilization, and nutrition. Laboratory demonstrations and student experimentation parallel class work.

CUUL 1220

Weekly Contact Hours: Lecture - 2 Lab 2 - 4 Lab 3 - 3 Pre-requisite(s): CUUL 1120 Co-requisite(s): None Baking Principles presents the fundamental terms, concepts, and methods involved in preparation of yeast and quick breads and baked products. Emphasis is placed on conformance of sanitation and hygienic work habits with health laws. Course content reflects American Culinary Federation Educational Institute cook and pastry apprenticeship training objectives, along with Retail Bakery Association training program. Topics include: baking principles; Science and use of baking ingredients for breads, desserts, cakes, pastries; weights, measures, and conversions; preparation of baked goods, baking sanitation and hygiene, baking supplies and equipment. Laboratory demonstrations and student experimentation parallel class work.

CUUL 2250

Weekly Contact Hours: Lecture - 2 Lab 2 -40 Lab 3 - 6 Pre-requisite(s): CUUL 1220 Co-requisite(s): None Provides in-depth experience in preparing many types of baked goods found in restaurants, country clubs, and hotels. Course content reflects American Culinary Federation and Retail Bakery Association training objectives and provides background for those aspiring to become Executive Pastry Chefs, Working Pastry Chefs and Bakers. Topics include: Artisan Breads, Tarts, Tortes, Pastry Dough, Puff Pastry, Icing (buttercreams and meringues), Filling (sauces and coulis), Sugar, Chocolates, and Confections. Laboratory practice parallels class work.

CUUL 1370

Weekly Contact Hours: Lecture - 1 Lab 2 - 2 Lab 3 - 3 Pre-requisite(s): CUUL 1120 Co-requisite(s): None This course emphasizes menu planning for all types of facilities, services, and special diets. Topics include: menu selection, menu development and pricing, nutrition, special diets, cooking nutritional foods, and organics. Laboratory demonstrations and student management and supervision parallel class work.


Culinary Arts Program Coordinator
Valdosta Campus


Culinary Arts Instructor
Valdosta Campus


Hotel-Restaurant-Travel Management Program Coordinator
Valdosta Campus

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