Course Catalog

Attendance Taking Courses

Wiregrass Georgia Technical College prepares students for successful employment upon graduation. Business and industry expect employees to be present and on time for work each day, and WGTC supports this expectation by encouraging students to attend class regularly to prepare for the workforce. WGTC is a non-attendance-taking institution. However, some instructors may develop reasonable attendance requirements appropriate to the type of course, delivery method, frequency of class meetings, and in accordance with the rules of respective licensure boards and/or accrediting agencies. Instructors will communicate the requirements to students within the course syllabi; and will apply the requirements fairly and consistently to all enrolled students. The following are attendance-taking courses.

Attendance Taking Courses
Course Prefix/Number Course Name
BARB 1000 Introduction to Barbering/Styling Implements
BARB 1010 Science: Sterilization, Sanitation, and Bacteriology
BARB 1022 Haircutting and Shampooing I
BARB 1024 Haircutting and Shampooing II
BARB 1030 Haircutting/Basic Styling
BARB 1040 Shaving
BARB 1050 Science: Anatomy and Physiology
BARB 1060 Introduction to Color Theory/Color Application
BARB 1072 Introduction to Chemical Restructuring of Hair
BARB 1074 Advanced Chemical Restucturing of Hair
BARB 1082 Advanced Haircutting and Styling I
BARB 1084 Advanced Haitcutting and Styling II
BARB 1090 Structures of Skin, Scalp, Hair and Facial Treatments
BARB 1100 Barber/Styling Practicum and Internship
BARB 1110 Shop Management/Ownership
COSM 1000 Introduction to Cosmetology Theory
COSM 1010 Chemical Texture Services
COSM 1020 Hair Care and Treatment
COSM 1030 Haircutting
COSM 1040 Styling
COSM 1050 Hair Color
COSM 1060 Fundamentals of Skin Care
COSM 1070 Nail Care and Advanced Techniques
COSM 1080 Physical Hair Services Practicum
COSM 1090 Hair Services Practicum I
COSM 1100 Hair Services Practicum II
COSM 1110 Hair Services Practicum III
COSM 1115 Hair Services Practicum IV
COSM 1120 Salon Management
COSM 1125 Skin and Nail Care Practicum
DENA 1030 Preventative Dentistry
DENA 1050 Microbiology and Infection Control
DENA 1070 Oral pathology and Therapeautic
DENA 1080 Dental Anatomy
DENA 1090 Dental Assisting National Board Examination Preparation
DENA 1340 Dental Assisting I: General Chairside
DENA 1350 Dental Assisting II: Dental Specialties and EFDA Skills
DENA 1390 Dental Radiology
DENA 1400 Dental Practice Management
DENA 1460 Dental Practicum I
DENA 1470 Dental Practicum II
DENA 1480 Dental Practicum III
DHYG 1050 Preclinical Dental Hygiene Lab
DHYG 1111 Clinical Dental Hygiene I Lab
DHYG 2020 Clinical Dental Hygiene II Lab
DHYG 2090 Clinical Dental Hygiene III Lab
DHYG 2140 Clinical Dental Hygiene IV Lab
EMSP 1160 Clinical & Practical Applications for the EMT
EMSP 2510 Clinical Applications for the Paramedic – I
EMSP 2520 Clinical Applications for the Paramedic – II
EMSP 2530 Clinical Applications for the Paramedic – III
EMSP 2540 Clinical Applications for the Paramedic – IV
EMSP 2550 Clinical Applications for the Paramedic – V
EMSP 2560 Clinical Applications for the Paramedic – VI
EMSP 2570 Clinical Applications for the Paramedic – VII
EMSP 2710 Field Internship for the Paramedic
ESTH 1000 Introduction to Esthetics
ESTH 1010 Anatomy and Physiology of the Skin
ESTH 1020 Skin Care Procedures
ESTH 1030 Electricity and Facial Treatments with Machines
ESTH 1040 Advanced Skin Care
ESTH 1050 Color Theory and Makeup
ESTH 1060 Esthetics Practicum I
ESTH 1070 Esthetics Practicum II
HIMT 2460 Health Information Technology Practicum
IMSA 1100 Clinical Practice
MAST 1170 Medical Assisting Externship
NAST 1100 Nurse Aide Fundamentals
NEUT 1001 Musculoskeletal Anatomy and Physiology I
NEUT 1005 Musculoskeletal Anatomy and Physiology II
NEUT 1010 Neural Science
NEUT 1020 Pathology for the Neuromuscular Therapist
NEUT 1030 Neuromuscular Therapy Fundamentals
NEUT 1050 Technique and Theory I
NEUT 1060 Clinic I
NEUT 1080 Techniques and Theory II
NEUT 1081 Techniques and Theory III
NEUT 1100 Adjunctive Modalities
NEUT 1110 Licensure Review
NEUT 1120 Clinic II
NEUT 1230 Professional Leadership for Neuromuscular Therapist
OPHD 1010 Introduction to Ophthalmic Optics
OPHD 1020 Eye Anatomy and Physiology
OPHD 1030 Applied Optical Theory
OPHD 1060 Optical Laboratory Technique I
OPHD 1070 Optical Laboratory Technique II
OPHD 1080 Contact Lens I
OPHD 2090 Frame Selection
OPHD 2120 Lens Selection
OPHD 2130 Contact Lens II
OPHD 2170 Contact Lens Review
OPHD 2180 Opticianry Review
PHAR 1000 Pharmaceutical Calculations
PHAR 1010 Pharmacy Technology Fundamentals
PHAR 1020 Principles of Dispensing Medications
PHAR 1030 Principles of Sterile Medication Preparation
PHAR 1040 Pharmacology
PHAR 1050 Pharmacy Technology Practicum
PHAR 2060 Advanced Pharmacy Technology Principles
PHAR 2070 Advanced Pharmacy Technology Practicum
PHLT 1030 Introduction to Venipuncture
PNSG 2010 Introduction to Pharmacology and Clinical Calculations
PNSG 2030 Nursing Fundamentals
PNSG 2035 Nursing Fundamentals Clinical
PNSG 2210 Medical-Surgical Nursing I
PNSG 2220 Medical-Surgical Nursing II
PNSG 2230 Medical-Surgical Nursing III
PNSG 2240 Medical-Surgical Nursing IV
PNSG 2250 Maternity Nursing
PNSG 2255 Maternity Nursing Clinical
PNSG 2310 Medical-Surgical Nursing Clinical I
PNSG 2320 Medical-Surgical Nursing Clinical II
PNSG 2330 Medical-Surgical Nursing Clinical III
PNSG 2410 Nursing Leadership
RADT 1010 Introduction to Radiology
RADT 1030 Radiographic Procedures I
RADT 1060 Radiographic Procedures II
RADT 1065 Radiologic Science
RADT 1075 Radiographic Imaging
RADT 1085 Radiologic Equipment
RADT 1200 Principles of Radiation Biology and Protection
RADT 1320 Clinical Radiography I
RADT 1330 Clinical Radiography II
RADT 2090 Radiographic Procedures III
RADT 2260 Radiologic Technology Review
RADT 2340 Clinical Radiography III
RADT 2360 Clinical Radiography IV