Course Catalog

Academic Procedures

All degree/diploma/certificate-seeking students are assigned academic advisors. Students may contact the Advising and Retention Center, or their myBanWeb account, to determine advisor assignment. All students are required to see their advisor before attempting to register for the term. Students are also encouraged to seek counsel from their advisors to resolve problems or issues encountered within the academic program during the term. The academic advisement session can also include, but is not limited to, the following items:

For New Students:

  1. Orientation Session
  2. Official Transcripts
  3. Major
  4. Career Objectives
  5. Specialized Program Admission Requirements
  6. Co/Prerequisites in Program Courses
  7. Learning Support
  8. Online Courses
  9. Dual Major Advisement
  10. Affirm Student’s Decision to Attend
  11. Inform Student of Clubs and Organizations

For Current/Returning Students:

  1. Major and Goal
  2. Learning Support Completion
  3. Satisfactory Progress within Program
  4. Academic Probation or Suspension
  5. Co/Prerequisites in General Core
  6. Special Needs or Time Constraints
  7. Online Courses
  8. Dual Major Advisement
  9. Affirm Student’s Decision to Attend
  10. Inform Student of Clubs and Organizations

Students registering for courses outside of the advisor recommendation may have financial implications and delay expected graduation.

Course Numbering System

The Technical College System of Georgia applies a statewide system of coding for each approved course within a program. This system includes a four alpha prefix combined with a four digit number. The four digit number delineates the level of the course, as explained below:

Remedial courses 0090

Remedial courses will not be applied towards a student’s program of study and will not count in the hours required to meet graduation requirements. Some students may be required to complete remedial courses in order to enhance their knowledge in areas of reading, writing, math, or algebra to better prepare them for other general education core courses.

General Education Core courses

Diploma courses: 1000 – 1099
Degree courses: 1100 – 2999

Occupational courses

1000 – 2999* (*Advanced level courses may begin with a 2000 number code)