Course Catalog

Change of Programs

Students wishing to change their program must do so by requesting a Change of Program with an advisor in the One-Stop Enrollment and Success Center. The One-Stop Advisor will submit the request to the appropriate departments for approval and notify the student if approved. Students should check the WGTC website for program specific financial aid eligibility (Pell, HOPE Career Grant, etc.).

Students wanting to change from a diploma level program to a degree level program may need to meet with their One-Stop Advisor or the Financial Aid Office to discuss any financial aid concerns that may result from the change. Students wishing to change from a diploma level program to a degree level program will also be required to meet the placement requirements for degree level programs. Students entering a degree program may need to complete a HOPE Scholarship Evaluation form.

Dual Majors

Students will be allowed to enroll in DUAL MAJORS if the following requirements are met:

  • The student is enrolled in the last semester of their current program
  • Both programs are equivalent regarding financial aid eligibility
  • The student is in good academic standing
  • The student is regular admit in both programs
  • The student will be responsible for meeting with their One-Stop Advisor to request a Dual Major. The request will be processed by Financial Aid staff, a VA and WIOA representative (if applicable), and approved then processed by One-Stop processing staff. The One-Stop Advisor will notify the student when the process has been completed.

Note: Aside from a few exceptions, Dual Majors can only be attempted at the same award level (degree, diploma, or technical certificate).