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The ability of a student to succeed in an occupational program at a technical college is greatly determined by the math and language skills possessed by that student. Wiregrass Georgia Technical College is committed to ensuring that students possess the academic skills necessary to reach their career goals. All students applying for diploma, degree or technical certificate programs will be assessed prior to acceptance to the college unless otherwise exempt. Students will then be admitted in accordance with the academic standards applicable to their chosen program of study and may, based on their test scores, be placed into remedial coursework that must be mastered before advancing to other courses.

*Placement exam requirements are exempted for the AY24-25 school year*

Preparing for the Placement Exam

Many students taking the Placement Exam score lower than required on one or more sections of the exam by only a few points. Often, these students do not need a full semester of remediation through remedial course; they simply need to be refreshed in academic areas with which they were familiar in the past, but have forgotten over time. The Testing Center staff can provide students with a list of online practice materials and directions on downloading and using an ACCUPLACER mobile application for practice questions

Taking the Placement Exam

Wiregrass Georgia Technical College utilizes ACCUPLACER ®, published by ACT, as its primary state-approved assessment instrument for evaluating applicants for program readiness. For applicants who are unable to test using computer-based exams, and in certain other situations, the college offers COMPANION, another state-approved instrument published by ACT. ACCUPLACER consists of a series of four tests: Writing, Reading, Numerical Skills, and Algebra. This test is an un-timed multiple-choice examination given by computer. Algebra scores are required only for associate degrees and specific diplomas or technical certificates, as identified in the program section of this catalog. All other programs require a numerical score. Sample test questions may be viewed online at

COMPANION consists of a series of four tests: Writing, Reading, Numerical Skills, and Elementary Algebra. These tests are paper and pencil multiple choice exams. Elementary Algebra scores are required only for associate degrees and specific diplomas or technical certificates, as identified in the program section of this catalog. All other programs require a numerical skills score.

Applicants approved for testing will receive a testing form from the One-Stop Enrollment and Success Center. This form, along with valid photo ID, must be presented to the Testing Center to gain entrance to testing. Applicants who do not possess a valid photo ID may notify the Testing Center in advance of the testing date and may be allowed to provide identification through other forms of documentation.

Students who earn the required placement test scores on all sections of the placement exam, and who meet other admissions requirements, are classified as regular admit students. Those who do not earn the required placement test scores on one or more sections of the test are offered various forms of remediation through the Testing and/or Tutoring Centers. Staff members in all departments are eager to assist students in achieving their academic goals.

Students who do not achieve regular-admit scores are assigned a provisional-admit type if their test scores are at a 0900 level in any subject area. Student scoring in the 0090 placement range will be given the ACCUPLACER Student Portal for test preparation materials and other resources, Students must wait 24 hours before they retest on the applicable section or sections (a $5.00 retest fee per section will apply). If, after remediation, regular-admit scores are earned, students may register per guidelines for regular-admit students. Those whose scores still fall below regular-admit status will register for the appropriate remedial class(es) during their first semester of enrollment.

Following the Placement Exam

Applicants are notified immediately after the testing session of their scores and admission status. Each student is given a copy of his or her score report and the next steps of the admission process are discussed.

Remedial Support

Students in need of remedial support in one or more areas will be registered for remedial course(s) during advisement. Remedial courses will be taken concurrently with the appropriate degree/diploma level course. Remediation will be provided to students in support courses in a variety of formats and may include but is not limited to: during class remediation, after class remediation, individualized tutoring sessions or optional lab meetings. Completion of the remedial course will assist students in preparing for other general education and occupational courses. In many cases, completion of remedial support classes is required to meet prerequisites for other courses.

Students who have met the test score requirements for regular admission into their chosen diploma or degree program should not register for remedial courses. In cases where a student registers for a course he or she does not need, the student may be required to pay back a portion of tuition and/or fees, and any financial aid that may have been received for the course.

Other Testing

A number of other exams are offered at Wiregrass Georgia Technical College. Some of these exams are required for acceptance into health sciences programs, while others are professional or certification exams. Students scheduled to take these exams should arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled start time to allow time to check in and be set up for the exam. Students arriving late will forfeit their testing reservation and fee, and will be required to reschedule (if slots are available). Students who wish to cancel testing reservations must contact the Testing Center at least 24 hours before the scheduled test date in order to be refunded the testing fee.

HESI Admission Assessment Exam (HESI A2)

Completion of the HESI Admission Assessment Exam (HESI A2), an assessment tool used to evaluate prospective students and their potential for successful program completion, is required for consideration of acceptance into many of the health science programs (LPN to RN Bridge, Practical Nursing, Radiologic Technology, Registered Nursing).

All applicants must complete the following designated sections: Math, Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary and General Knowledge and Grammar, Anatomy & Physiology, Learning Profile & Personality Style, and Critical Thinking. Applicants are encouraged to complete an Anatomy and Physiology (or equivalent) course prior to taking the examination. A HESI A2 study guide is available through Elsevier.

Each program utilizes the results of the HESI A2 exam in a way which best meets the needs of the specific program. Please consult with your Academic Advisor, Program Faculty, or the Health Sciences Advising Packet for program specific information.

Applicants have three (3) attempts to complete the HESI A2 Exam within a 2-year (24-month) time frame, with the highest score used for program selections. The scores are valid for two (2) year post examination date. HESI exam scores must meet the prior guidelines by application deadline. HESI Exam scores must be valid on the application deadline date.

Professional and Certification Exams

Professional exams for a number of IT certifications are offered in the Testing Center on the Valdosta campus. Examples of tests include exams offered by Pearson VUE, GACE, ASE, and LEP. The Dental Assisting National Boards (DANB) and the National Boards for Surgical Technology are also given at the Moody Air Force Base location. Scheduling of these tests is done online or through the Test Center Specialists, and test dates are limited. Test policies are determined by the certifying agency. National certification exams offered through NCCT are also available. These tests must be scheduled and paid for on the company’s website ( In addition, the college offers the NOCTI exams for several programs offered at WGTC. Contact the Testing Center for further information.