Registrar’s Office Online Forms:

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Instructions for Registrar’s Office Requests:

The Registrar’s Office student forms and requests require student information. If you do not know your student ID or login information please refer to your student portal or contact your One-Stop Advisor. For more information on how to login please visit:

To withdraw from a course(s), please follow these directions:

  • Login to your Okta account. Your login information was provided by the One-Stop Center in your student portal.
  • Go to your myBanWeb page.
  • Choose Student Services & Financial Aid.
  • Locate and click the tab that says Withdrawal Form.
  • Provide all required information and submit.

Note: It is strongly advised that you speak with your One-Stop Advisor, Financial Aid, and/or your WGTC Veterans Services Representative before withdrawing.

WGTC students: To request an Enrollment Verification, please login to your myBanWeb account. Click on “Student Services and Financial Aid” and find the “Student Records” link. Once you have clicked on that, click on “Request Enrollment Verification” and follow the directions. If you have a specific form that needs to be filled out, please email it to and allow for processing time.

Note: WGTC does not verify GED or HiSET completion. For those services, please contact TCSG: 1-800-946-9433 or visit

Employers/Background Screening Firms: The National Student Clearinghouse is authorized to provide enrollment and degree verifications: Student verifications for the Commercial Truck Driving program can also be submitted online through Tenstreet Xchange:

To change or update your mailing address and/or telephone number at Wiregrass Georgia Technical College, please login to your myBanWeb account. Click on “Personal Information” and find the “Update Address and Phone Number(s)” link.

This electronic form must be completed in its entirety and submitted electronically. Students will receive an email in their WGTC Student Email account, and must follow directions within that email BEFORE this request will be processed.

To begin the process of changing your name at Wiregrass Georgia Technical College, please login to your myBanWeb account. Click on “Personal Information” and find the “Name Change Information” link.

Students are required to submit a copy of their Social Security Card with the updated name to either the One-Stop Enrollment and Success Center or Registrar’s Office at their local campus after completing the electronic Name Change Request form.

Employees (faculty, staff, or student) are required by federal regulations to have employers validate their name on record exactly matches the name which appears on the individual's Social Security Card to ensure proper tax reporting. Employees are required to present their Social Security Card which reflects the new name to the Human Resources Office in Brooks Hall on the Valdosta Campus.

If you have not requested a change of name with the Social Security Administration, please apply for a new Social Security Card with the nearest Social Security Administration Office.

(Note: You will need to bring an original legal document reflecting your new name to support your request for the name change. Examples of accepted legal documents include a birth certificate, marriage license, divorce decree, etc.)

Once you receive your new Social Security Card, please bring it to the appropriate office. If you have any questions or concerns, please call the Registrar's Office on your local campus.

For additional information on how to apply for, replace, correct, or change your name on your Social Security Card, go to the Social Security website. To return to this page, use the ‘Back’ button on your browser.

Since Fall 2021, degrees, diplomas and technical certificates have be processed by Parchment Services. Students receive an email from Parchment to confirm their credential after their graduation status has been confirmed. Parchment will then mail or email (send digital copy) of the credential. If a student loses their credential or needs a replacement they must:

  • Complete the Diploma Replacement Form:
  • Pay a $20 printing fee by either going to the WGTC bookstore or paying over the phone: 229-333-5392 or 229-333-2100.
  • Once the form and payment are submitted, the student will be contacted to verify information or they may contact with questions.
  • Reprints are processed at the end of each month, so please allow time for processing.