As a student enrolling in college courses, you assume the financial and academic responsibility to properly withdraw from your courses if you decide not to complete them.

Dropping a Course or Courses – First Three Instructional Days of Term

  • Students may drop a course during the first three instructional days of each semester through their BanWeb account, without the drop becoming part of their permanent academic record and without it affecting their financial aid.
  • Any amount charged against Financial Aid (Pell, HOPE, etc) in the bookstore will be owed back to the college.
  • Students who drop courses during this period and have paid tuition and fees out-of-pocket are eligible for 100% reimbursement less non-refundable fees. Students should check the WGTC Calendar for refund dates.

Things to Know About Withdrawing

  • Students who withdraw from a class from the fourth instructional day of the term through 60% of the term, will receive a grade of W.
  • For students who withdraw after the published withdrawal date (60% of the term), a grade of F will be assigned.
  • The specific withdrawal deadline dates for each term are published on the Wiregrass Georgia Tech website page, under Academic Calendar, as well as on the students BanWebaccount.
  • Students should be aware that withdrawals may result in a loss of financial aid and that failing to properly withdraw from a course will result in receiving a failing grade (F) for that course.
  • F grades, and/or failure to complete the term, may cause a recalculation of financial aid and could result in a balance owed to Wiregrass.

Withdrawal from Individual Courses

Students who wish to withdraw from a course, but plan to stay enrolled in other courses, should submit a Withdrawal Form through their BanWeb account, listing the courses they wish to withdraw from. If students are unsure whether withdrawing from the course is their only option, they should contact their instructor and/or One-Stop Enrollment and Success Center Advisor prior to submitting their withdrawal form.

Additionally, students should check with the Office of Financial Aid for clarification on how a partial withdrawal may affect their Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). See contact information below.

Complete Withdrawal from School
Wiregrass Georgia Tech realizes that sometimes students have no alternative but to leave school for legitimate reasons. Students wanting to totally withdraw should initiate the process by completing the form through their BanWeb account.

Below are the steps you should follow for an official withdrawal:

  1. Speak with your One-Stop Enrollment and Success Center Advisor by phone at (229) 333-2105.
  2. Meet with the Office of Financial Aid on your local campus to see how the withdrawal will affect your current and future financial aid awards, or call (229) 333-2107.
  3. If you still feel the need to withdraw from school completely, submit a Withdrawal Form from your BanWeb account.

See the WGTC Student Handbook and Catalog for more information.