Course Catalog

Change of Programs

Students who choose to change their program may do so by completing a “Change of Program” form in the Office of Admissions. Students will be required to get the “Change of Program” form signed by a Financial Aid staff member, VA Representative and WIOA (if applicable), and a designated Admissions officer (or his/her designee) before the program change will be approved.

Students changing their programs for the second time or beyond may be required to complete Career Scope, available through the Testing Center, in addition to going through the approval process outlined above. If require Career Scope results must be attached to the “Change of Program Form” before the Office of Admissions will review the form for final approval.

Change from Diploma Program to Degree Program

Students wishing to change from a diploma-level program to a degree-level program may obtain the Change of Program form in the Office of Admissions. The admissions office staff will discuss this change with the student and check the student’s placement test scores and academic history. If the change is approved, the student will be referred to the Office of Financial Aid. Financial aid staff will explain the financial aid implications of the change and have the student complete a HOPE Scholarship Evaluation Form. All appropriate paperwork is sent to the Office of the Registrar for eligibility determination of HOPE Scholarship. Students may be required to retake placement exam(s) to ensure degree requirements are met. In addition, degree-level general education core classes will be required.

Dual Majors

Students will be allowed to enroll in DUAL MAJORS if the following requirements are met:

  • The student is enrolled in the last semester of their current program
  • Both programs are equivalent regarding financial aid eligibility
  • The student is in good academic standing
  • The student is regular admit in both programs
  • The student will be responsible for completing a “Request for Dual Major” form available in the Admissions Office and will be required to get the form signed by a Financial Aid representative, a VA representative (if applicable), and a designated Admissions officer, before being approved.

Note: Aside from a few exceptions, dual programs can only be attempted at the same award level (degree, diploma,
or technical certificate).