Course Catalog

Advisement and Retention Center

The philosophy of Wiregrass Georgia Technical College is that a student’s career path should be one suited to him or her and that each student should receive the guidance and support needed to succeed academically, from the initial term of enrollment through graduation. The Advisement and Retention Center (ARC) is designed to support these goals by providing individualized guidance to students from the time they attempt to select a program of study to the time they receive their degree, diploma, or certificate. Services offered through the Advisement and Retention Center include career counseling, career assessment, pre and post-placement test remediation, tutoring services, study skills assistance, email and BanWeb training, and general problem resolution assistance.

The ARC: An Advising and Retention Center for Students

It is imperative that students choose a career path well-suited to them and that they receive the support they need to succeed academically, from their initial semester of enrollment through graduation. The ARC is designed to support these goals, providing individualized guidance to students from the time they attempt to select a program of study to the time they receive their certificate, diploma or degree.

Career Counseling

Career counseling is available upon request to both potential and current students. Counseling sessions provide individuals with the information necessary to make more realistic and informed choices about careers. Career counselors meet with students to review all program options (including wage data), discuss the students’ interests, academic history, work history, and other areas of concern. Information available to students includes:

  • Extensive information on individual programs of study
  • Employment trends and salary ranges from regional and national sources including Georgia Career Information System (GCIS)
  • In-depth program information provided through meetings with program coordinators or other instructors
  • Career assessment (interest and/or aptitude testing)

Career Assessment

A person’s success in a given field depends on his or her interest in the field and on his or her potential to learn and excel in that area of work. Standardized career assessment is available to assist students in exploring career opportunities by discovering their interests, aptitudes, and abilities in different types of employment. Career assessment tools currently being utilized to assist the student and counselor in making an informed career path choice include Career Scope, GCIS, and gafutures.

Tutorial Services

Any student experiencing academic difficulties in math, English, or entry level computer courses may receive tutoring services free of charge. For information on tutors’ schedules, students may contact the ARC. No appointment is necessary for tutoring. Students also have access to free online tutoring 24/7 through Access to is available through myCampus and BBLearn.

Assistance to Students on Academic Warning, Probation, and Dismissal

Students who are experiencing difficulties resulting in Assistance to Students on Academic Warning, Probation, and Dismissal are referred to The ARC for assistance. ARC staff will meet with students to discuss issues that contributed to their academic problems. Meeting with ARC staff and developing a plan to address academic issues can place a student on the path towards success.

BanWeb and Student Email Training

WGTC utilizes Banner (used by staff and some faculty) and BanWeb (used by some faculty and all students) as its databases to record and manage demographic information, schedules, grades, and other academic information related to each student. Learning to use BanWeb effectively will allow students to review their transcripts, check on their financial aid status and manage other aspects of their student record. Free training on college resources and on student email, the primary form of communication between the college and its students, is available in The ARC on each campus. College resources include, but are not limited to Banner Mobile, myconnect, and mynavigate.