Open House

Why should I attend an Open House?

Attending a college open house offers prospective students a myriad of benefits that extend beyond the glossy brochures and virtual tours. It provides an invaluable opportunity to immerse oneself in the campus atmosphere, gaining firsthand experience of the academic and social environment. Interacting with current students, faculty, and staff allows for personalized insights into the institution's culture and values. Open houses often include informative sessions about academic programs, extracurricular activities, and support services, aiding students in making well-informed decisions about their future education. Additionally, touring facilities, such as classrooms, libraries, and recreational spaces, offers a tangible sense of the resources available to students. Furthermore, it allows for one to network with fellow attendees- fostering connections and future friendships.


Campus Locations

Main Campus
4089 Val Tech Road
Valdosta, Georgia 31602
(229) 333-2100
Fax (229) 333-2129
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Ben Hill-Irwin Campus
667 Perry House Road
Fitzgerald, Georgia 31750
(229) 468-2000
Fax (229) 468-2110
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Coffee County Campus
706 West Baker Highway
Douglas, Georgia 31533
(912) 389-4303
Fax (912) 389-4308
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Cook County Center
1676 North Elm Street
Sparks, Georgia 31647
(229) 549-7368
Fax (229) 549-6286
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Future Open House Dates:

Valdosta Campus:

Ben Hill-Irwin Campus: