Pay Tuition and Fees

Pay your tuition and fees online!

To avoid purge for non-payment, students must ensure their financial aid is in order and settle any remaining balances prior to the deadline. Students dropped for non-payment have the option of reregistering after making full payment, being approved for financial aid, or upon confirmation of having enrolled in a payment plan. Students who are dropped for nonpayment, upon being re-registered, will be charged a $45 late fee.

Payment Deadlines for Spring 2021

Full Term Express Term
Noon, Thursday, January 14 – 2nd drop date Noon, Wednesday, February 24 – Drop for Non Payment
Nelnet payment plan deadline: January 18 Nelnet payment plan deadline: March 1

Payment Deadlines for Summer 2021

Full and Express Terms
Wednesday, May 12 @ 5:30 p.m. – 1st deadline
Monday, May 24 @ 5:30 p.m. – 2nd deadline
Tuesday, June 8 @ 5:30 p.m. – Last day to setup a Nelnet payment plan

Payment Options

In addition to accepting direct payment at one of our campus bookstore locations, Wiregrass also offers convenient online payment options including payment in full directly to the college or a payment plan with Nelnet Business Solutions. These options can be accessed at or go to and click on myBanWeb.

  • Sign in using your unique email account name, and 8-digit date of birth.
  • Choose Student Services and Financial Aid.
  • To pay the college in full (not a payment plan), go to Pay Tuition and Fees Online and enter the requested information. Choose Pay by Credit or Pay by Check.
  • If a Nelnet Payment Plan is preferred, you must first go to Nelnet Payment Plan Login to create an account or to manage information in your existing account. Then go back to Pay Tuition and Fees Online, enter the requested information, and choose Pay by Payment Plan with Nelnet. Follow additional instructions from Nelnet.

The spring full term payment plan is available until January 18th and the express term until March 1st for a small enrollment fee of $30, $35, or $40, along with a minimum down payment and the remaining balance due in 2, 3, or 4 monthly installments as determined by the date of enrollment in the plan. Click for more information on the payment plan option. Students should sign up as early as possible to get the most installment options and to avoid drop for non-payment as listed above. If a student enrolls in a payment plan and then adds, drops, or withdraws altering the amount owed, future payments on the plan will be adjusted or eliminated accordingly to bring the totals in line, but any payments that exceed overall remaining charges will not be refunded until after mid-term once the college receives the funding from Nelnet.