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The Foundations bring together volunteers who have a keen desire to build a prosperous and competitive South Georgia workforce. Wiregrass Georgia Tech delivers an indispensable training foundation for tomorrow’s workforce. The college is known for providing each student with proficient skills, coupled with creative and innovative abilities, with grades given in both academics and work ethics. Foundation volunteers and Trustees gather support through gifts of time, talent, and resources, supporting the mission of the college.

The South Georgia region is growing both in the service industry and through economic development. To help meet the workforce demands, Wiregrass Georgia Tech is continually creating high level, cutting-edge programs. The Foundation encourages this development and supports the growth through friend and fundraising. The money raised goes to cover program equipment needs, program development, student assistance, and much more.

Contributions and volunteers are needed and welcomed! To make a tax deductible donation, please click on the pledge form link below. To become a volunteer, please give us a call at (229) 468-2102 or 229-293-6190. When you improve the quality of life in our communities, the rewards are endless and life-changing.

Thank you in advance for your support and potential partnership!

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If you would like to make a pledge to one of the Foundations, please fill out a Donor Pledge Form.



Mona Paulk
Executive Director for
Institutional Advancement
WGTC Foundation North
Phone: (229) 468-2102
Fax: (229) 468-2110

Dr. Penelope Schmidt
Executive Director for Institutional Advancement
WGTC Foundation South
Phone: (229) 293-6190
Fax: (229) 259-5540

Dalphne Horton
Department Assistant for
Institutional Advancement
WGTC Foundation South
Phone: (229) 293-6190
Fax: (229) 259-5540

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