Learning Support

Learning support courses are offered through the Department of Arts and Sciences. Learning support admission is granted to students who do not meet the regular or provisional admission requirements based on placement tests scores. Students classified in this category are required to enroll in learning support classes that are designed to assist students in improving basic language, reading, and mathematical skills. Students’ enrollment in occupational-specific courses or core courses will be delayed until they have satisfied the requirements for provisional or regular admission into the program.

Students who do not earn the required placement test scores on one or more sections of the test will be given the opportunity for free short-term remediation through the Advisement and Retention Center (ARC), or sign up for a test prep session to prepare for retesting. If time permits, these sessions will be prior to the beginning of the subsequent semester. When remediation is complete, usually within one month, students may retest on the applicable section or sections (a $5 retest fee per section will apply).

If, after remediation, regular admit scores are earned, students may register per guidelines for regular admit students. Students whose scores still fall below regular admit status will register for the appropriate learning support classes for their first semester of enrollment. Learning support courses are designed to prepare students to be successful when they enter their regular core and occupational classes. At the completion of the student’s semester in learning support, he or she may retest (a maximum of two attempts) on the appropriate section(s) of the placement test. If minimum placement test scores are earned, the student may register as a regular admit student for his or her subsequent semester of enrollment.

If regular admit scores are not earned, the student will repeat the learning support class or will move to the next learning support class in the sequence. Academic support and learning support staff members are eager to assist students in achieving their academic goals.


Any student experiencing academic difficulties in learning support, core, or certain entry level occupational courses may receive tutoring services free of charge.

Wiregrass now offers students FREE 24/7 LIVE online tutoring with tutor.com. The link to this site can also be accessed through myCampus or Blackboard.

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